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A TeachingMadeEasier membership offers flexibility to address every skill level using a variety of activities, accompanied with tremendous time and money saving qualities. In fact, we Guarantee It.

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Because we know teachers are always looking for new ways to make the most of their time and their TeachingMadeEasier memberships, we're pleased to offer some great tools to help you do just that!
$9.95 - INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD IDEAS for TeachingMadeEasier - This document provides you with 116 Innovative Ways to use TeachingMadeEasier Activities & Graphic Organizers with your Interactive Whiteboard. No need to print every activity... engage students by displaying them on your Whiteboard! Get the most of your IWB & TME! Click here to view a sample of the ideas. (emailed)
$9.95 - TOP 100 WAYS TO USE TeachingMadeEasier - If you enjoy the tips we e-mail you from time to time, you'll love our Top 100 Ways booklet. It's packed full of great activities you can create for your students using our site.  Covering a broad range of subjects, the Top 100 Ways gives you unique ideas for everything from Bingo to Matching.  Click here to learn more and view a sample page.
$59.95 - 50 'HOW-TO' VIDEOS CD - This handy tool shows you the exact sequence of steps to go through to easily create 50 different frequently-used activities and games with TeachingMadeEasier.  Each activity has its own video segment so you can quickly witness the steps prior to creating a specific activity.
$79.95 - 'BIG BOOK' OF SAMPLE ACTIVITIES - An invaluable resource, the 'Big Book' is a quick reference guide to all the activity formats available on the TeachingMadeEasier site.  It includes a full-sized labeled print-out of every activity we offer so you know exactly what to look for on the site when you have a specific activity or game in mind.  Plus, you can browse through it to quickly find ideas for tools to help your students learn.
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