About Us

TeachingMadeEasier had its genesis with a young elementary teacher working late yet again. She wanted to create a bingo game for her class using the week's spelling words. While she was working on the tenth or eleventh Bingo card, her frustration grew as she thought about all the other things she needed to do that evening.

"There has to be an easier way," she thought.

Later, she began talking with web designers who were familiar with the issues of education. Together they began brainstorming about ways to make the lives of teachers easier--to give teachers more free time without requiring teachers to spend large amounts of money.

The result is TeachingMadeEasier.

As the project grew, more people joined the effort, including educators and technical types. These people worked on developing new features and benefits for the program with an eye toward flexibility and teacher input. Even now, the program continues to develop as more words, pictures, and equations are added to the database and as new activities are implemented.

The teacher's dream of a program that would make her life easier has become a reality. She continues to work closely with this project, realizing another dream of helping other educators.

Over time, other companies that support education have wanted to get involved and help 'spread the word' about this great time-saving tool for individualizing instruction -- as resellers, corporate sponsors, and more. Learn more about these other teacher-friendly organizations.